What is Raw Milk?

Raw Milk is just milk. It truly is as simple as that. 

We've all landed in some place of complete disconnect from our foods. We go to the grocery store and load our carts with items we think will nourish our bodies. But we don't know who to trust on what is healthy and what isn't. We don't even know the processes our foods have undergone before they end up in those stores. And sometimes when we do hear of how our foods come to us we might think its weird or gross. My own sister sits at our table and asks incredulously if this milk actually came out of our cow. (But the milk from the grocery store must have just come from the carton-there's no cow involved in that process?) 
Did you know that they remove all of the fat from milk and then put back what they think it should have? 2% milk has 2% fat mixed back in. Whole milk is about 3.25%. Did you know that most cows produce more than 3.25% fat? Where did the rest of the fat go? Perhaps products like ice cream, sour cream, whipping cream, etc.? The bulk of milk's nutrients are in the fat but now your tall, cold glass of milk is missing some of those. 
Did you know that some pasteurization methods heat milk over 300 degrees! Obviously this process kills everything in milk. There are over 700 strains of probiotic like bacteria in milk. Most probiotics taken orally have around 30 strains--that is if they are still living after going through the processes that they undergo to become tablets or capsules to ship to your home. So are we, as a society healthier now that we are consuming products that undergo so many processes? I'll let you answer that for yourself. 


Raw Milk undergoes no processes. It is cooled and bottled. That's it. So should the milk purchased in the grocery stores be the one in need of a descriptive word? Something along the lines of pasteurized, homogenized, dead milk would work. Maybe we should call Raw Milk just Milk?

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